Even the ultimate autonomous software systems cannot eliminate ALL accidents - especially if there are irresponsible and/or inattentive human drivers on the roadways. Sadly, accidents - and even tragic fatalities - will still occur.

Question: How to save lives in a roadway accident?

Solution: Manage the collision for the best possible outcome from beginning to end with ARI patented strategies.

Example: You’re on the freeway moving along and suddenly there is a serious problem just ahead. You are 1 second from impact! That's when you need ARI technology guiding your vehicle - with expert real-time Harm Minimization Strategies and lightning-fast reflexes, we mitigate every collision with the goal to save lives!

With speed-of-light autonomous reflexes, we steer around the worst hazards, soften any impacts before they occur, and then call for help if needed. The implementation of ARI Patents can get you through this.


Only 1/500 humans can react fast enough IN ONE SECOND to make a corrective decision to avoid disaster. But will this decision be the VERY BEST DECISION, or, will it be a poor decision which could make a very dangerous and even life-threatening situation worse? To do nothing courts death. And to do something wrong also courts death. This is LOSE-LOSE!

Unfortunately, in many instances, the decision will be a very poor one, as the likelihood of a truly excellent decision may optimistically be 1/100. This means that in only 1 in 5000 accidents requiring instantaneous decision-making and implementation in one second does a human driver make the VERY BEST DECISION.

The fact is that human split-second decisions by drivers who have never driven Formula One race cars, or competed in the Indy 500, are often wrong – and far too often wrong, disastrously so - which is the reason that there is so much emphasis on autonomous driving systems to help eliminate the human factor. And the chance of death is astronomically higher at highway speeds of 65, 70, 80 mph (Montana), or 85 mph (Texas Highway 130).

The 36,750 roadway deaths per year IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE should be sufficient testimony to the need for ARI harm-mitigation technology. Autonomous systems designed to prevent accidents will make a difference, and we commend the many talented engineers and scientists developing these systems. But in spite of these autonomous systems - and even the very best ones - fatal accidents are still going to happen!

The question is whether people will walk away. Our mission at Autonomous Roadway Intelligence is that they will!

This is COLLISION MITIGATION in that it combines collision avoidance and harm minimization. This saves lives, which could be yours or your loved ones.


Autonomous Partner
ARI's intellectual property saves lives otherwise tragically wasted on roadways throughout the world. We offer to sell or license our issued Patents to serious automotive developers and/or manufacturers who share our deep commitment to roadway safety. The heartache associated with the death of a child, a loved one, or a friend is eliminated when people arrive safely at their destination.


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ARI Patents can save lives.
After every accident, our mission:

1.35 Million Deaths Occur Every Year:
Even one death is one death too many.
Together, let's save lives!

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